For 2017-2018, the Building Bridges to Inclusion (Secondary) project supported Intensive Intervention Program teachers working with one or more classroom teachers in lower mainland secondary schools interested in exploring inclusion of complex students in typical classroom settings. The project was designed to be an inquiry action-based research project exploring the question: How can secondary students attending school in an intensive intervention program be effectively included in a typical classroom setting?

Mark Isfeld Secondary School

Word On The Street

The aim of this project is for students to create and share multimedia learning objects that can be shared within the school via MITV (Mark Isfeld Television) a daily overview of current events and happenings in the computer and of what’s going on in the yearbook. Peers and students in the Life Skills program work together to document local and school events and activities.

Elphinstone Secondary School

Removing Barriers to Build Bridges to Inclusion for ALL

The vision of this project is to have ALL students in an intensive intervention program included in general education community 80% of the time. Additionally the vision of this project is to for ALL classroom teachers have the capacity and confidence to include students with extensive needs in a secondary school 100% of the time