Inclusive Education in Action – A Classroom Story

Student Story

SET-BC plays a pivotal role in enhancing the inclusivity of classrooms by providing school teams with invaluable resources. In one notable example, students in a grade 2 class were given the opportunity to engage in a reading activity centered on diverse modes of communication. Through SET-BC’s provision of resources, the class read the book “Eddie the Elephant Has Something to Say” by Allison Johns and Illustrated by Tara Put which celebrates various forms of communication and emphasizes the importance of understanding and appreciating diverse ways individuals express themselves. This initiative not only enriched the educational experience for all students but also underscored SET-BC’s dedication to fostering an inclusive learning environment where every student, regardless of their communication differences or abilities, is not only acknowledged but actively included in the educational narrative. Sharing such stories benefits all students, fostering an environment of validation, acceptance, and belonging. SET-BC’s emphasis on utilizing literature to address diverse needs exemplifies its commitment to creating classrooms that reflect the richness of human diversity.