Frequently Asked Questions



No. SET-BC’s mandate is to build the capacity of all B.C. school districts to support their students and ensure that all students have equal opportunity.There is no cost to accessing our website, resources, or training modules.

Loan Bank

SET-BC owns the equipment and technology that it loans out to students and schools. Students cannot take the equipment with them from one school to another school. In the case that a student moves to another school district, the loaned equipment is sent back to SET-BC. Once a student has been registered in their new district, the equipment can be reissued to the new school for the student’s/school’s use. The responsibility of the equipment is assigned to the new school. For more information on Equipment Returns, visit our Support Page.

A student can take equipment home at the discretion of the school. No waiver from the parent is required by the school, however, the school is responsible for the return of the equpiment. If equipment is lost or missing during this time, the school will be invoiced.

No. Parents and educators cannot sell equipment loaned from SET-BC. Equipment is strictly on loan and is owned by SET-BC and the Ministry of Education.

No. SET-BC does not sell its equipment to anyone. Equipment is owned by SET-BC and the Ministry of Education and is strictly for loan.

Once equipment has been transferred to a district, the equipment now falls under the district’s stewardship. If you need to dispose of a piece of equipment, check with your district and follow the appropriate policies and procedures. During disposal, please remove SET-BC ID tags from the equipment.

For loaned equipment owned by SET-BC, this is not allowed. In the case where equipment ownership is transferred to the district, this request should be directed to the school team or teacher.

Visit our Support Page for more information on our equipment return process.

Professional Learning Services

No, SET-BC does not offer any kind of certification. Be sure to check with your school or administration to see if your organization offers any certification for the course modules.

SET-BC can be very flexible when planning and providing any of our professional learning opportunities. Sessions can be held as lunch & learns, during short periods of time before and after school, during resource team meetings, or during shared prep times.

Specialist/Short-Term Loans

Visit our Support Page for more information on our equipment return process.

SET-BC can loan any communication, access, or vision equipment to specialists who have specific knowledge of how to use the technology in any given district or independent school. Visit our Specialist and Short Term Loan page and complete the Short Term Loan for Specialists request form.

Student Applications

All services must be requested through a SET-BC District Partner. Currently, SET-BC does not deal directly with any schools, teachers, or parents.

SET-BC is a Provincial Outreach Program funded by the BC Ministry of Education. Our mandate is to only support BC school districts, and we therefore do not offer service outside of BC. For services in other projects or countries, we recommend consulting with your local educational services to see if your province, state, or county offer a similar service or program.

SET-BC does still work with classrooms as in the previous model. Classroom/School-Based projects are typically between 6 to 8 weeks in length, however, we do not leave equipment at the conclusion of a project. In general, SET-BC’s Classroom/School-Based solutions are about building capacity and inclusive best practices. To learn more about Classroom/School Based Projects, please contact


First check that you have reviewed any documentation or appropriate usage guidelines available for the equipment. If you are still experiencing issues, you can contact SET Desk or initiate a Support Ticket. They can offer advice for repair or arrange for an equipment return to SET-BC for service.

Need More Help?

If you still can’t find an answer to your question, try contacting your SET-BC consultant, your district partner, or submit a general inquiry on our contact us page.