Student Stories

These stories celebrate the important individuals we serve, the journeys we take with school teams, and the benefits of the technology we provide.

Outdoor Communication Board
Getting On Board
Signal Hill Elementary gives every child support and acceptance. When Jolene received a SET-BC loan for an iPad with TD Snap AAC app, Signal Hill’s SLP, Cleo Donnelly, focused on only on helping the student learn how to use her talker, but also on providing strong school support.
A student playing on his communication device that is connected to a screen
Xeth: Full Participation Enabled Through Technology
Xeth is in grade 5 at Westview Elementary and growing so fast! Xeth is an Accent 1000 user, and he has been communicating using the Unity 80 sequenced vocabulary for a few years now. Additionally, he can connect the Accent to a Surface Pro computer.
A visually impaired student - Margot
Blindfolds Off
Meet Margot, a 14-year-old musician, poet, writer, dreamer, self-described “complicated” being who also happens to be visually impaired but asks that you look beyond that to truly see her.
Students of diverse learning attending an Art Inclusion camp at an art gallery
HeARTful Expression: A SET-BC and North Vancouver School District Collaboration
Last Spring, SET-BC joined North Vancouver School District for a SET-BC Inclusion Experience held at the Gordon Smith Gallery of Canadian Art during the “We Can Only Hint at this with Words” exhibition. Children of all different abilities attended, many held communication devices.
Levi in the classroom with his classmate participating class activity together
Learning with Levi
Meet Levi, who is currently in Grade 5 at Nechako Elementary in the community of Kitimat. Levi enjoys school and being with his peers. Levi is well loved by his peers, but due to his non-verbal communication, it has been challenging to provide opportunities for Levi to respond or meaningfully participate in daily classroom activities and routines.
A student holding up an mounted iPad with screen displaying a TouchChat PageSet
Silver’s Inner Chatterbox Now Shines
Meet Silver, who is currently in grade 6 at Cedar Grove Elementary in the community of Gibsons, on the Sunshine Coast. Silver is a non-speaking student with many interests as well as a passion for learning and playing with her peers.
Team-Building with Clicker 7
SET-BC Classroom-Based Solutions rely on the committed and invigorating energy that often occurs when teachers collaborate to support their students.
J’ai la Technologie Donc J’Essaie
Enseigner le français langue seconde au huitième niveau demande qu’on cherche toujours de nouvelles façons d’engager les élèves.
Brooke uses her large screen
Brooke Has the Touch When it Comes to Learning
A large touch screen computer allows Brooke to participate in many activities. With the larger monitor Brooke can more easily see what is on the screen.