Student Transition Support Request

Requesting for Student Transition Support


The transition from elementary to middle school, and from elementary to secondary school, marks a critical juncture in a student’s educational journey, particularly for those who benefit from SET-BC services. This transition period is essential for ensuring continuity in learning and support, which can significantly impact a student’s academic and social development. For students using assistive technology, consistent support and adaptation to new environments are crucial for maintaining their progress and fostering independence.

The SET-BC service delivery model facilitates this by providing specialized resources and training for both students and educators, ensuring that assistive technologies are effectively integrated and utilized in the new school setting. This seamless transition is vital for minimizing disruptions, reducing anxiety, and empowering students to thrive in their new educational environments. Ultimately, supporting these transitions under the SET-BC model promotes inclusivity and equal access to education, helping students with diverse needs to reach their full potential.

rear view of girl in wheelchair

Please only apply for this type of service request if:

  • The student has previously received full SET-BC service support and is currently on Equipment Only Support (EOS)
  • Student is transitioning from elementary to middle or secondary school
  • Student has moved from one district to another

How it Works:

  • SET-BC will assign a case manager to assist in training new school team on student’s current equipment and/or software
  • Training will be provided up to a maximum of 3 months
  • Training sessions may be either virtual or limited in-person
  • No new equipment or software provided
  • Applications are open from June until end of April each school year