Coding Kit #1 Overview

This beginners coding kit includes the award-winning, and beautiful Cubetto robot, with tangible coding blocks. Screenless coding demystifies the process of programming, and allows for a visual and tactile coding experience. The included Go Talk 9+ can be programmed with commands corresponding to the coding blocks, making this kit accessible to all students.

Cubetto Coding Kit Cubetto Coding Kit

  • Tangible coding kit (screenless)
  • Made of hard-wearing wood
  • Uses tactile “coding blocks” to create task-based programs
  • Includes a world map and story book
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GoTalk 9 GoTalk 9

  • Records and stores up to 45 messages in five levels
  • Nine programmable buttons that allow the user to personalize each level with pictures and vocal recordings
  • Includes three additional “core” buttons for frequently used words or phrases
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