Educational Assistants Click with Clicker in SD36On the February 16th Professional Development Day, about 20 Educational Assistants from the Surrey School district gathered at Cindrich Elementary to learn about Clicker 7 and how to implement it with the students they support. Clicker 7 is an award-winning assistive technology software designed to assist students of all abilities to improve their early literacy skills. In this Tier 2 Professional Learning workshop, EAs learned about assistive technology features on Clicker 7 like speech-to-text, picture support and word prediction. They also learned about Clicker Sets like Sentence Set and Word Bank and how they can support students access the curriculum using Clicker Sets. In the end, the EAs created their own Clicker activities that they shared out with the rest of their colleagues.

By the end of the workshop, participants felt that Clicker 7 “built [my] capacity to use it in the classroom to help support the students I work beside” or that it will “help my students be able to help to make sentences.” One noted that it had a “great ability to create social stories and matching games.” Check out some of the Clicker Matching Sets or Clicker Books that were created by the Educational Assistants from School District #36!

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