boy drawing on ipadWith the support of Lynnmour’s Principal Kelly La Roue and help from SET-BC consultant Nedra Post, Kindergarten teacher Tessa Harrington has been incorporating the technology loaned by SET-BC into her daily teaching practice. She began this year with two goals in mind: to increase her students’ level of digital literacy and to improve her integration of the principles of UDL in her lesson planning and delivery.

Using 5 iPads, literacy support apps, and Clicker 6 on a MacBook Air, Tessa has successfully integrated multiple means of representation, action / expression and engagement into her students’ literacy program. She is enjoying the increased level of digital literacy occurring in her classroom as students are learning to independently navigate through applications and explore personalized stories created with Clicker6.

teacher-with-kids-working-on-ipad-at-a-tableWhile Tessa is focusing on using technology, she is also wanting to provide opportunities for student to ‘get outdoors’. She wants to use technology to explore what we find outdoors – using the iPads, Tessa and her students take photographs outside to use in the Clicker Books app. The photos become a very personalized opportunity for learning – students can write reflections or stories on the images that they’ve captured or created. Relying less on paper, the Kindergarten students are creating fun read aloud picture books that demonstrate their leadership in environmental stewardship.

sample pages by students

Above are some sample pages from books created by Tessa’s kindergarten class.

boy drawing on ipadAllowing students to discover multiple means of representation through the technology tools has even given her students the ability to recognize letters and sounds.

“Using the ‘Justand’ and the ‘Handwriting Without Tears’ App has changed how I deliver my printing program and changes the students’ understanding of instruction” says Ms. Harrington. She is able to print in an identical book that the students are using, while the app on the iPad is projected to the entire class using their Apple TV. Students have a better understanding of the task and find it easier to visualize how the letters are formed when they can watch the step-by-step instructions.

kids working on ipads in classroomThe positive collaboration that has occurred between Ms. Harrington, Ms. Post and Ms. La Roue has set the stage for continued exploration and growth for the Lynnmour Primary team. We are looking forward to the expansion of Lynnmour students’ digital literacy in the coming months!

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