Faye BrownlieOn Apr.25th, Faye Brownlie, as a part of part II of the inclusion series ran an extremely captivating workshop around the topic of collaboration and co-teaching to create inclusive environments. The day started with a review of the class review process which was covered during Inclusion Series part I with Dr. Cranston. Faye then progressed into explaining the key components of what makes inclusive environments possible, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and co-teaching to further enhances the student’s experience in the inclusive setting. Majority of the workshop was experiential in that through reenacting the examples, participants were able to experience what it feels like to be included.

This session was streamed to 10 different locations across the province involving more than 180 participants. It was an event that displayed how technology can help us build capacity within the province, by reaching a wider audience than ever before.

Faye has been working in staff development with teachers, schools and districts in BC, nationally and internationally. She has been involved with various projects locally and internationally with those including topics on literacy and inclusion. She is a strong advocate for improving learning for all students in inclusive settings. She has also authored and co-authored numerous teacher resources.


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