jaydon_320x240The road to success is paved with spiritedness, intelligence and creativity. Jayden is a Grade 4 student from North Surrey who has benefitted from the support of a determined team and assistive technology from SET-BC.

Frustrated with his fine motor, organizational and self-regulatory challenges, Jayden was previously unable to independently meet expectations for writing at his grade level. However, the receipt of a personal laptop has impacted Jayden’s school performance very positively. He completes his work more quickly and with increasing independence, confidence and self-reliance. He is able to set up his work station independently, begin assignments with less prompting and is increasingly able to focus and follow-through. He has become adept at using technology and is now one of the schools leaders who manage all the school computers, iPads and more. Recently, Jayden completed a composition entitled “How My Computer Has Helped Me”.

“Hi. My name is Jayden. I am 10 years old and in Grade 4. I have high functioning autism and get angry easily. I got my computer from SET-BC last year and it has helped me in many different ways. I am so grateful for having it.

My computer has helped me to be more independent. I no longer have to have my Educational Assistant over my shoulder scribing for me just so my printing doesn’t look like someone was using their bad hand.

I also feel a lot more confident with my schoolwork. I have neater work now which I think helps my grades. I am able to get my ideas out much easier now when before it could take an hour.

My laptop has also helped me stay calmer when I do work such as journals. I find it easier and I don’t get as frustrated. I’m able to stay in class more and it helps me finish things faster so I can get more done.

The programs that I use to help me are Microsoft Word, but I prefer Kurzweil 3000. As a matter of fact, I used Kurzweil to type this composition, which was convenient because I made a web to organize my thoughts and then I was able to use a split screen to see the ideas.

Thanks, SET-BC!!!!!!!”

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