job_shadow_2upA SET-BC consultant recently hosted a Grade 9 Delta student, Rebecca, for a day of job shadowing in Surrey. As a student who has received SET-BC support over the years, Rebecca was keen to see what was involved in the day of the life of a SET-BC consultant and was excited to meet other SET-BC students.

Their first visit was with Sam, a Grade 3 student in Surrey. Sam uses a software program called Clicker 6 to support his reading and writing. Rebecca got right to work learning Clicker 6, and in turn teaching Sam. Despite never having used Clicker 6 prior to that day, Rebecca was able to quickly pick up the steps required to use the software effectively. Both students enjoyed interacting with each other and working on the computer and showed great enthusiasm for the ease with which they were able to create written work.

With Rebecca’s assistance, Sam learned to add photos, drawings and other computerized images to illustrate the thoughts he had about a specific topic. Rebecca would occasionally show Sam where a letter was on the keyboard, and was a great support as he used Clicker 6 to complete his writing activity.

Later in the morning, Rebecca continued to use her new found Clicker 6 skills to create personalized Clicker 6 activities for other SET-BC students, including a hockey activity for a student who loves the Canucks. Under the guidance of the school team, she also created vocabulary word banks for another student to use to communicate his choices.

In the afternoon, Rebecca accompanied the SET-BC consultant on a number of school visits. During one visit, a young Surrey SET-BC student watched Rebecca draw using Clicker Paint. Very reluctant with pencil and paper tasks, this student proceeded to create one of the few drawings that he has ever made in an effort to impress his new friend. His creativity, precision and patience were astounding to watch as he painstakingly produced a picture of “a pretty planet” using the computer program – a promising beginning for his future artistic endeavours!

All in all, the job shadow was a great success – Rebecca’s enthusiasm, technical ability, and infectious congeniality made for a happy day for all involved. We may be welcoming Rebecca to our program as a SET-BC consultant some day!