Kurzweil Camp CoquitlamOn November 4th a keen group of middle school boys attended a Kurzweil Camp at Bramblewood Elementary in Coquitlam, British Columbia. Each of these SET-BC students uses a laptop computer with Kurzweil 3000 to support their reading, writing and studying in the classroom.

The day was organized and led by Lorraine Kamp, SET-BC consultant for the Coquitlam district. Lorraine took the group through high interest tasks similar to those that are frequently encountered by students at school. For instance, the group started with learning how to scan a reading assignment into the program, and adjust the reading options to have the program read the information out loud.

Next, the group worked through answering a series of questions on what they learned by using the text note feature of the program to word process responses directly on a scanned worksheet.

Study skills were next! Lorraine worked with the group to discuss how highlighters, notes and referencing tools can be used to actively read, and review important information. Finally, the students tried out the writing support tools available in Kurzweil to support them writing a short story in the talking word processor.

Throughout the day’s tasks, the adults in attendance were amazed by the student’s ability to independently use the features of the program to complete their assigned tasks.

The Kurzweil Camp model has been found to be an extremely motivating method of training both students and educators using Kurzweil 3000 at school.The student focused, implementation based training leads to a high energy, focused, and best of all FUN day for all involved!

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