As part of this stream, project teams explored innovative ways to support:

“Personal and social competency is the set of abilities that relate to students’ identity in the world, both as individuals and as members of their community and society. Personal and social competency encompasses the abilities students need to thrive as individuals, to understand and care about themselves and others, and to find and achieve their purposes in the world.”

Watson Elementary

Place based stories

To create cross curricular stories using technology and applications that connect students to their community, engage them in exploration of self and to actively explore their place in the world through the lens of a child.

Sandowne Elementary

Self-Identity within a Community of Learners Framework

Target developing my classroom social/emotional needs through using the
Community of Learners framework. Having students encourage and support each other, through the writing process, will develop a sense of trust and classroom community.

CM Finch Elementary

Building Mindful Learners

This project will develop a sense of belonging as members of a classroom community, school community and local community. Synonymous with the social studies curriculum goals, it allows students the opportunity to explore their likes/dislikes, interests, etc. in developing themselves as a whole child and who they are as a student learner.

Mamquam Elementary

Genius Hour

Genius Hour is a program that has been happening 2016-17 in the class.  Third year doing this program. It has been a collaborative with one other teacher (two different ones over the course of the year).

Gibsons Elementary

Discovering Self and Community through Stories

Students who demonstrate personal awareness and responsibility demonstrate self-respect and express a sense of personal well-being. We will embrace this within a focus on storytelling.

Gibsons Elementary Lesson 1

Queen Mary Elementary

Social Stories for an Inclusive 21st Century Kindergarten Classroom

Technology use is quite high, but there are not a lot of equipment in the school. RazKidz is used in the school. Pictello has been used in the school already.

Queen Mary Explain Everything Tutorial 1Queen Mary Explain Everything Tutorial 2Queen Mary Explain Everything Tutorial 3

Castle Park Elementary

Personal and Social in the Classroom

The project will be an outdoor classroom. It will incorporate big ideas from the curriculum along with First People’s principals of learning and core personal and social competencies.

Castle Park Resource 1Castle Park Resource 2

Lady Grey Elementary

Personal Wellness Centers

The importance of Social Emotional awareness, Self -Regulation, and Emotional Executive Functioning cannot be overstated in the quest for academic success.

Burnaby North Secondary

Programming, Robotics and Inclusion
(Not Synergy – special Provincial initiative)

This service will support a block of Robotics and Electronics 10/12 (Block 4) and Robotics and Electronics 9 (blocks 6 and 7) with integration of curricular competencies and content from the ADST 9-12 robotics and electronics curriculum.

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