As part of this stream, project teams explored innovative ways to support:

Math skills, or numeracy – “Is the ability to understand and apply mathematical concepts, processes, and skills to solve problems and make decisions in a variety of situations, including real-life scenarios. Numeracy assessment looks at learning which has taken place throughout the student’s education, not only in mathematics, but across various subjects.”

Journey Middle School

Journey Math Journals

The aim of this project is to increase my grade 6 student’s ability to reflect on their math learning. During their reflections they will use new math vocabulary in order to fully understand it. The goal is for students of all levels to create electronic math journals by using Explain Everything.

Journey Middle Final Report

Nanoose Bay Elementary School (SD69)

Project Based Math Class

The vision of this project is to continue working with technology to support all students in completing problem based math projects. The project will create various learning opportunities for the students in the classroom. It is a cross-curricular math project with an Aboriginal focus. The students will work with the community to revitalize our school garden. We will grow plants that are Indigenous to the area. The students will use the garden to focus their real life problems (area, perimeter, volume of the garden beds; fractions – using the Design Cycle to fraction garden plots, compost to soil ratio; algebra, integers). Technology will include engaging students in problem-solving experiences that are connected to place, story, cultural practices, and perspectives relevant to our local First Peoples communities, and the local community. This could be realized by building Indigenous plant gardens, bird, and bat houses. Using Scholantis as a platform for ePortfolios, the students will show evidence of their learning through the apps Explain Everything, iMovie and Do Ink. This would contribute to a personal connection between the students and nature around them.

Nannose Bay Student Sample 1Nannose Bay Student Sample 2Nannose Bay Student Sample 3Nannose Bay Student Sample 4