This project stream focuses on French Literacy skills. French as a Second Language, French Immersion or French Language School classrooms contain students with diverse learning needs that benefit from increased access to technology to support French Literacy skill development. As part of this stream, project teams will be exploring innovative ways to support:

  • Literacy – “Literacy is the ability to understand, critically analyze, and create a variety of forms of communication, including oral, written, visual, digital, and multimedia, to accomplish one’s goals. Literacy helps students apply reading, writing, speaking and listening skills across a variety of subject areas.”

Les classes de français langue seconde, de l’immersion ou du programme francophone contiennent des étudiants ayant des besoins d’apprentissage variés. Ces étudiants peuvent profiter de l’accès à la technologie pour soutenir le développement des compétences en littératie française. Comme partie de ce flux, les équipes de ce projet exploreront la technologie innovante pour soutenir:

  • La littératie – La littératie est la capacité de comprendre, d’analyser de manière critique et de créer diverses formes de communication, y compris orale, écrite, visuelle, numérique et multimédia, pour atteindre ses objectifs. La littératie aide les élèves à appliquer les compétences de lecture, d’écriture, de parole et d’écoute dans une variété de domaines.

SD19 - Arrow Heights Elementary School

My French Portfolio
To provide students with access to various tools of technology in order to significantly improve their understanding of French, and develop their communication skills in their second language. With the help of available French programs and apps to assist in understanding French and the wide range of capabilities of iPads to create multimedia presentations that demonstrate student learning, there will be a wider range of opportunities to practice and model pronunciation and word/phrase use for students. Also they will have rich opportunities to create and record interactions, presentations, audio and videocasts and eventually, their whole portfolio for the year – while using French that provides for a formative and summative assessment and journal of students developing French language knowledge and skills.

Festival Acadien de Caraquet
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Explain EverythingSchool Vocabulary

SD28 - École Red Bluff Lhtako Elementary

French Literacy Support Project
Technology supports will help provide all students with the tools and access to be able to express themselves in a creative manner despite cognitive, behavioural challenges and varied learning styles. The second language aspect of French adds another layer of complexity to student learning. Therefore, having technology options with help students be more successful in expressing their ideas in multiple ways. Through the use of technology in the past I have observed an increase in student engagement, higher quality assignments and a growth in student self-confidence and independence. I look forward to extending this to some of the features the iPads have to offer.

SD47 - James Thompson Elementary

The French Immersion Literacy Centres
Students will increase their literacy skills using applications on iPads as an independent learning centre. As part of this project, the team will be exploring innovative ways to support instructional and independent reading, sight word recognition, spelling, grammar, fluency, reading comprehension, basic and complex sounds and autonomy.

SD48 - Garibaldi Highlands Elementary

Bridging the Literacy Gap in Early French Immersion
Early language literacy is an essential part of the Early French Immersion program. Through this project, students will have opportunities to record themselves and others speaking French, to listen to authentic French spoken around the world using websites and apps but also by communicating with other children in French speaking countries. The Padcaster will be used to create audio biogs to share with our partner classes in other French speaking countries (Cameroon, France, Belgium and Switzerland).

Project Outcome Video 1Project Outcome Video 2Project Outcome Video 3Project Outcome Video 4Project Outcome Video 5Project Outcome Video 6Project Outcome Video 7Project Outcome Video 8

SD48 - Signal Hill Elementary

Vivre en Francais!
This project will be a cross curricular French language focused activity. Students will explore their own cultural and social history through the study of their own personal story. This project will combine social studies, French literacy and language, and First Nations perspectives. They will create a documentary video to share with a buddy class in France through which they will discover place based education and their connection to the local community. We would also like to share these videos with other local students including the Francophone school, Ecole de La Vallee who we often collaborate with and our new grade Slate French Immersion students.

Signal Hill Elementary Overview

Que veut dire etre Canadien

SD 69 - Ecole Oceanside Elementary

Recording and Communicating Scientific Findings in French Immersion
Develop French language and literacy skills by conducting mini science inquiries and using iPads for the purpose of recording students’ understanding of theories and concepts and communicating findings to classmates.

Student Sample VideosStudent Example