This project stream focuses on French Literacy skills.  French as a Second Language, French Immersion or French Language School classrooms contain students with diverse learning needs that benefit from increased access to technology to support French Literacy skill development.  As part of this stream, project teams explored innovative ways to support:

  • Literacy – “Literacy is the ability to understand, critically analyze, and create a variety of forms of communication, including oral, written, visual, digital, and multimedia, to accomplish one’s goals. Literacy helps students apply reading, writing, speaking and listening skills across a variety of subject areas.”

Les classes de français langue seconde, de l’immersion ou du programme francophone contiennent des étudiants ayant des besoins d’apprentissage variés.  Ces étudiants peuvent profiter de l’accès à la technologie pour soutenir le développement des compétences en littératie française. Comme partie de ce flux, les équipes de ce projet exploreront la technologie innovante pour soutenir:

  • La littératie – La littératie est la capacité de comprendre, d’analyser de manière critique et de créer diverses formes de communication, y compris orale, écrite, visuelle, numérique et multimédia, pour atteindre ses objectifs. La littératie aide les élèves à appliquer les compétences de lecture, d’écriture, de parole et d’écoute dans une variété de domaines.

Tuc-El-Nuit Elementary School

Digital Penpals: This French-based project entailed pairing up my French Immersion students with a French Immersion class in Okotoks, Alberta. We practiced our French through emails and exchange of French messages/ conversations. Students shared projects created with Book Creator, Explain Everything and Pictello to showcase their learning across the curricula. We created new friendships and shared our learning with others

John Muir Elementary School

Carnival de Quebec: The students embarked on a project ‘journey’ leading to the ‘Carnival de Quebec’. With the actual Carnival planned for early February, the students were heavily involved in the research and planning, and of course the actual participation, for this amazing event. As an integral piece of the process, the students used a variety of iPad apps available to us under the SET-BC umbrella. Existing programs such as Pictello, Explain Everything, and Book Creator were utilized by students in the creation and presentation of their final Carnival projects. The Carnival was highlighted by a Classroom Café, skits, brochures, menus, and a weekly schedule of these amazing Carnival events. Students integrated technology though all facets of learning.

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École Puntlege Park

Adapting Curriculum Through UDL Strategies: the École Puntledge Park Elementary’s project is a project in which students used multiple means of representation to research, create and share knowledge about Science, Socials and Language Arts. The use of technology to support written output in supporting the French Language Classroom was explored to the fullest.

Robb Road Elementary

Differentiation for Inclusion: This project worked on the theme “Identity: What Makes You -You?” We integrated technology and assistive technology using apps such as Book Creator, Pictello, Explain Everything, and MS Office Read and Write. Students gained an appreciation of the writing process, as well as, the variety of ways, tools and technologies they can use to explore, communicate and represent their ideas and themselves.

Robb Road Les Athletes des Jeux OlympiquesRobb Road Les Bufs Musque

WL McLeod Elementary

Using Technology in the French Classroom: This project has focused on integration of curricular goals in Language Arts and Social Studies using technology to show understanding of work. The focus was on our local First Nations as well as Canadian Issues and governance. IPads were be used as speech-to-text to aid with writing, as well as other apps to support students that need assistive technology. Teacher wrapped themes around different assignments using technology as a supportive tool.

Chief Dan George Middle School

Exploration and Demonstration of French Competencies through Technology Use: Using exciting and innovative ways to learn French, students became more engaged. We created personal creative texts (stories, poems) to take language learning to a new level. Cross curricular links from Language Arts to Social Studies (potential for Ancient Civilizations). Making sure stories follow narrative structure, youth novels etc. Seesaw (E-portfolio) was introduced as a method for students to display and reflect on their work.

Chief Dan George Project Sample 1Chief Dan George Project Sample 2Chief Dan George Project Sample 3

Garibaldi Highlands

IPads for French in the Primary Classroom: Students became more comfortable with technology and had the ability to use alternate methods to document learning (video, audio, photos, apps). Student increased their willingness to take risks using oral and written French using technology as an alternate format. Students as early as Kindergarten produced picture dictionaries, used apps to journal and make books. Students were taught to use online readers so that they can access their reading (with French pronunciation support) at home.