Project Description

The Complex Needs Technology Project 2015-2016 was designed to assist BC school districts in building their capacity to support students with complex needs.  The goal of the project was to help district teams screen more effectively for district-based and SET-BC based support and to support the continued development of district-based complex needs technology loan banks.  The technologies available through the project were not intended for individual student solutions but, instead, to provide the district teams with options when assessing and trialing technology with various students over the coming years.

In January 2016, we invited school district teams to submit applications that focused on building capacity to support one or more of the following student groups:

  • Students with complex communication needs
  • Students with complex vision needs
  • Students with complex physical access needs

District teams were asked to identify one or more bundles of technology that they felt would be most helpful in supporting their goals of assessing students or conducting short term trials for future Tier 3 service.  The technologies included in each bundle targeted various areas of student need including emerging, intermediate or advanced communication, braille access, low vision access, CVI support, emerging and intermediate physical access and eye gaze.

During February, the SET-BC Provincial team reviewed the 35 applications from districts all over the province and began acquiring and compiling the approved technology bundles.  The bundles were then shipped out to teams at the beginning of March with information on how to access on demand and facilitated training.

The technologies sent to school district teams are on long term loan to the district, transitioning to Equipment Only Support (EOS) at the end of the 2015-2016 school year.

We hope district teams find the complex needs technologies and the training resources located in this area of our website helpful in building their capacity to support complex needs students in BC schools.

For more information on the application process (which closed January 29th, 2016), please contact us at or refer to this project description: