As part of this stream, project teams explored innovative ways to support communication.

“The communication competency encompasses the set of abilities that students use to impart and exchange information, experiences and ideas, to explore the world around them, and to understand and effectively engage in the use of digital media.”

Salmo Secondary School

AD Rundle Middle School

Learning Logs and School Video

Students will be using technology to develop learning logs to support self-assessment of the core competencies throughout the year. Each class will develop learning logs to look back on throughout the year to help them write their year end self-assessments.

The grade 7 team also wants to create a final video project titled, “Welcome to AD Rundle: Everything you need to know about middle school” to give to our feeder schools to help with transitions. Chilliwack is going through reconfiguration of grade levels, and our school is getting 2 grades of new kids next year! We want to create something to make this process as smooth as possible.

Maple Creek Middle School

Broadcast News

Our team at Maple Creek will be putting together a newscast for the school. We will be investigating school issues, current events, informational pieces and human interest stories.

The goal is to have every student put together a story that we will broadcast to the school through different venues.

Brackendale Elementary School

A Kids Guide To Canada

My project is about creating connections across Canada with other Elementary schools to share knowledge of your land, local culture and community through a national project marking Canada 150plus.

Brackendale Movie 1 2017-2018Brackendale Movie 2 2017-2018

Southern Okanagan Secondary School

Communication Processes and New Literacy in Biology and English

With a focus of new literacy skills the students will be engaging in classroom and land-based learning to develop the knowledge, skills, and processes associated with communication in the context of both Biology and English.

The project, a multimedia presentation, will focus on an aspect of the big topic of adaptation, and will combine scientific knowledge with perspectives such as mythology, Indigenous ways of understanding the natural world, and ethical or philosophical considerations regarding how humans interact with the natural world.

Belmont Secondary

Belmont’s Environmental IMPACT

Students will increase their environmental social responsibility by creating media materials that highlight the impact of garbage and recycling on animals, land and people, by exploring and integrating First Peoples Principles, and through implementation of the Big Ideas and Curriculum goals from Media, Design, Drama, Art, and English/Communications.

Students will be reaching out to various community agencies to create 30sec-2min segments to share with the school during TAG (homeroom) on a monthly basis.

This is a collaborative effort by 2 teachers (Angela Secord and Sean Cowie), 3 classes (Grade 10 Film-Making, Grade 11-12 Film & Television and IMPACT), and our Aboriginal department, many Education Assistants and our Community Partner, Alpine Disposal.

Keating Elementary

SuperFlex Videos

SuperFlex is a Social Thinking Curriculum that teaches and helps students become aware of their own thinking and social behaviours. It uses SuperFlex, a superhero that helps students become flexible thinkers and ready to learn. With every great superhero there comes super villains, The Unthinkables. Our class is going to focus on an Unthinkable each month and create videos demonstrating what an Unthinkable’s actions might look like if they were to take over your brain causing you to be inflexible. Then we will video how to use flexible thinking to get back to having SuperFlex in your brain once again, Defeating the Team of Unthinkables. These videos will be shared with the school during an assembly and possibly used by district school counselor as she visits different classes in different schools.

Timberline Secondary

The Next Step

The project vision is for Skills for Life students to create adaptive life skill videos which can be used in our district and others.

The project is the result of collaborative teaching.

Students will develop literacy, digital literacy and adaptive life skills

Parkcrest Elementary School

Visit the Parkcrest Elementary School Project Blog 1 and Blog 2

Voice as Identity

Two partner classes will explore the power of voice and communication through video creation. Students will drive their own project teams, reflect on their process and support each other to be the best they can be. The project touches upon several of the core competencies (Communication, Personal and Thinking)