What is the purpose of Classroom Synergy Projects?

student on ipad in a classroom activityThe purpose of the Classroom Based Synergy Projects is to support classroom teachers and school based teams in employing personalized learning strategies and resources that utilize technologies to provide student access to their curriculum and meaningfully include all students in the classroom environment. These Classroom-Based projects invite classroom teachers to explore innovative and creative strategies to support curricular based projects that integrates technology to realize students’ learning goals. The BC curriculum identifies five foundational features of the new curriculum that contribute to deeper learning. These features are made up of the three core competencies; communication, thinking and personal and social competency, plus literacy and math skills.

The 2018-2019 Classroom Synergy Projects have been designed to provide interested classroom teams with the opportunity to explore the use of technology to support student growth in these key skill areas:

The Classroom Based Synergy Projects are structured around a Professional Learning Community, with teachers within each project stream participating in monthly provincially facilitated online meetings to share and learn together within their stream’s focus. Project participants also publish project blogs which document their process, challenges and growth. All these components contribute to a deeper level of teacher inquiry and professional development through the Spirals of Inquiry process.

As part of this stream, project teams will be exploring innovative ways to support communication.

“The communication competency encompasses the set of abilities that students use to impart and exchange information, experiences and ideas, to explore the world around them, and to understand and effectively engage in the use of digital media.”

As part of this stream, project teams will be exploring innovative ways to support:

Thinking – “The thinking competency encompasses the knowledge, skills and processes we associate with intellectual development. It is through their competency as thinkers that students take subject-specific concepts and content and transform them into a new understanding. Thinking competence includes specific thinking skills as well as habits of mind, and metacognitive awareness.”

As part of this stream, project teams will be exploring innovative ways to support:

“Personal and social competency is the set of abilities that relate to students’ identity in the world, both as individuals and as members of their community and society. Personal and social competency encompasses the abilities students need to thrive as individuals, to understand and care about themselves and others, and to find and achieve their purposes in the world.”

As part of this stream, project teams will be exploring innovative ways to support:

Math skills, or numeracy – “Is the ability to understand and apply mathematical concepts, processes, and skills to solve problems and make decisions in a variety of situations, including real-life scenarios. Numeracy assessment looks at learning which has taken place throughout the student’s education, not only in mathematics, but across various subjects.”

This project stream focuses on French Literacy skills. French as a Second Language, French Immersion or French Language School classrooms contain students with diverse learning needs that benefit from increased access to technology to support French Literacy skill development. As part of this stream, project teams will be exploring innovative ways to support:

Literacy – “Literacy is the ability to understand, critically analyze, and create a variety of forms of communication, including oral, written, visual, digital, and multimedia, to accomplish one’s goals. Literacy helps students apply reading, writing, speaking and listening skills across a variety of subject areas.”

Les classes de français langue seconde, de l’immersion ou du programme francophone contiennent des étudiants ayant des besoins d’apprentissage variés. Ces étudiants peuvent profiter de l’accès à la technologie pour soutenir le développement des compétences en littératie française. Comme partie de ce flux, les équipes de ce projet exploreront la technologie innovante pour soutenir:

La littératie – La littératie est la capacité de comprendre, d’analyser de manière critique et de créer diverses formes de communication, y compris orale, écrite, visuelle, numérique et multimédia, pour atteindre ses objectifs. La littératie aide les élèves à appliquer les compétences de lecture, d’écriture, de parole et d’écoute dans une variété de domaines.

Please see our Current Projects Available for Application area for information on currently available projects. Please direct any questions about these projects to servicedelivery@setbc.org.