This resource is designed to familiarize users with Gaze Point eye tracking software. Gaze Point is compatible with many Tobii Dynavox eye trackers, including the EyeMobilePlus. These tutorials will explain how to configure Gaze Point so that it can be used with software applications that respond either to the movement of the mouse cursor, or a left-mouse click.

Module 1: Gaze Point configuration for screen interaction with the cursor

In this tutorial, Gaze Point is set up to introduce learners to the idea of moving their eyes around the screen like a cursor. At this stage, the learner will get a response depending on where they look, without initiating a left-mouse click.

Module 2: Gaze Point configuration to allow left-mouse clicks

In this tutorial, Gaze Point is set up to help learners target a specific area on the screen and choose an option.  Learners will dwell their gaze on their preferred option, launching a left-mouse click. An accurate calibration is recommended for this stage of learning.

Module 3: Gaze Point Implementation in the classroom

Teachers can support a student learn eye gaze skills within the context of typical classroom routines.   This tutorial will demonstrate how Gaze Point can be configured to activate an online spinner that can be used in a range of educational activities.