Example on an interview setupIf you’d like students to start producing videos at a high level in your classroom, then this professional learning opportunity will provide you with the tools to do this. This session is a step by step look on how to film scenes, interviews and how to put it all together in an editing program that you have in your district. Participants will also learn how to manage student files during video production on various devices.

1. Introduction

Video Overview - Introduction

Video Tip - Introduction

2. Deconstruct

Video Overview - Deconstruct

Video Tip - Biography & Voiceover

3. Beauty and the Media

Video Overview - Beauty and the Media

Video Tip – Dove Evolution – Youtube video

4. Criteria

Video Overview - Criteria

5. Steady

Video Overview - Steady

Video Tip - Steady Tripod

6. Photographic Composition

Video Overview - Photographic Composition

Video Tip - Photographic Composition

7. Landscape Please

Video Overview - Landscape Please

Video Tip - Phone/Camera (Landscape Only)

8. Lighting

Video Overview - Lighting

Video Tip - Lighting

9. Sound

Video Overview - Sound

Video Tip - Audio

10. Scene

Video Overview - Scene

Video Tip - Actors Acting

11. Interviews

Video Overview - Interviews

Video Tip - Interviews

12. Cover Shots, Cut Aways and B-roll

Video Overview - Cover Shots, Cut Aways and B-roll

Video Tip - Cover Shots

13. Voiceover

Video Overview - Voiceover

Video Tip - Voiceover

14. Editing

Video Overview - Editing

Video Tip - Editing

15. Planning

Video Overview - Planning

Video Tip - Planning

16. Camera Movement

Video Overview - Camera Movement

17. Roles on Set

Video Overview - Roles on Set


Video Tip - Talking to Audience