School District 81 – Fort Nelson /Elementary School Grades 5-7

R.L. Angus Elementary is a vibrant school, of approximately 140 students, with many opportunities provided to personalize learning for students. The school serves the residential areas of the town of Fort Nelson and all outlying areas serviced by our buses. At R.L. Angus, we focus attention and effort in the areas of literacy, numeracy, inquiry learning, science, and athletics. Our doors are open and we believe in team work, collaboration, and open communication.

  • Promising practices and research driven inclusive practices with a focus on the UDL model
  • Increase use of technology as a tool for learning in classrooms
  • Providing students access and choice in ways of learning
  • Teach students the tools in their R&W4GC tool kit
  • Team teaching and mentorship
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  1. Darren Mitzel

    I was very excited to have R.L. Angus not only be my first road trip as the new Provincial Coordinator for SET-BC, but also the first visit of the six Inclusive School Initiative Schools. The welcome we received from the entire school community was amazing. Right when you walked in the front door, there was a feeling of belonging. It was the beginning of the new school year, so there definitely was a buzz from all students and staff to get the new year going.

    Taking on any new school-wide initiative can be daunting at any time of the year, but to ask the question, “What does inclusion look like?” right in September will go along way to set the tone for the year.

    I look forward to hearing their stories as they look to answer that “inclusive” question.

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