Navigating_Digital_World_V2_600x450This online course will provide an overview of digital literacy and how to navigate through the dynamic digital world.  In addition to exploring a variety of tools to support digital literacy, such as digital citizenship, resources and implementation strategies will be provided to support educators in their teaching practices.

Module One - Learn

Module 1 contains information and content on what it means to navigate the digital world, characteristics of Digital Literacy, the 4 C’s in education, Digital Citizenship and the Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, Redefinition, (SAMR) model.

Module One - OverviewThe Digital Literacy FrameworkTraditional to Modern Literacy4 C's of the 21st Century SkillsThe SAMR ModelDigital Citizenship

Module Two - Plan

Module 2 contains information on how to plan and design lessons for your students and classrooms.  This includes knowing your learners, and exploration time and activities on the SAMR model and Digital Citizenship modules.

Planning, Inclusion and Knowing your LearnersSAMR ActivityDigital Citizenship Activity

Module Three - Do

Module 3 will provide various examples of ways educators can effectively integrate digital tools into their lessons using the SAMR method.  It is organized by method and samples are provided to allow the user to focus on a particular strategy and to give students the opportunity and skills to navigate and be successful in the digital world.

Module Three - OverviewSubstitutionAugmentationModificationRedefinition

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