Students filming in a schoolChase is a master of switch technology and is adept at using eye gaze technology. He is a smart, determined and inspiring 17 year old with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (Type 1). His journey to proficiency has been a progressive one, with it starting back in 2008 with his first loan of SET-BC equipment. Since then Chase has used a variety of pieces of technology to help him engage in the curriculum; from joysticks and laptops, to Classroom Suite and Kurzweil 3000. It was not until recent years, where Chase’s self-determination flourished, coinciding with some steep developments in new technology such as Apple’s built-in Switch Control and TobiiDynavox’s Windows Control via Eye Gaze. These personal and industry advancements are revealed through conversations with Chase, his peers and his teachers.

Interview with AaronInterview with ChaseInterview with Andrew

Chase chats with his good friend Aaron, who has supported him along his journey of technology discovery.

The tables are turned, and Aaron asks Chase some hard hitting questions about his experience, and sometimes reluctance, to new technology.

Curiosity, persistence and innovation from Andrew, Chase’s Education Assistant, has helped Chase recognize the power of technology.

Interview with Charles of Tobii DynavoxInterview with Chase by Charles

Chase gets to sit down for an interview with Charles Poeppleman to discuss his role at Tobii Dynaovox and the future of eye gaze technology.

Charles turns the table on Chase and asks him about eye gaze technology to find out what the experience is like from a users perspective.

Interview with LauraInterview with Dr. HalInterview with Canuck CEO

Chase gets to reconnect with an old friend who he spent time with when he visited Canuck Place in the past. She shares her thoughts and philosophy on the way the she approaches her work.

In this conversation Chase explores some of his time at Canuck Place and finds out more about the use of technology at Canuck Place through the lens of Dr. Hal Siden

Chase gets to sit down with Margaret McNeil and find out what the role and the responsibilities that come with her job at Canuck Place.

How 'Conversation with Chase' came to be

Carla, Occupational Therapist and Peter, Provincial Teacher at SET-BC, take time to talk about how ‘Conversations with Chase’ came to be. The rich learning that took place was empowering for all involved.

Watch this space evolve over 2020-21, as Chase hopes to produce more videos and technology tutorials, using his SET-BC equipment.