This resource aims to generate discussions amongst educators around strategies and tools that help meet the diverse needs in the math classroom. In particular, we will:

  • Explore the use of rich math tasks as a way to differentiate instructions
  • Reflect on how to make class activities more inclusive using Tomlinson’s framework for differentiated instructions
  • Examine the shift in focus between content and curricular competencies in the redesigned curriculum and how it affects teaching practice

Module: The Redesigned Curriculum as a Tool to Meet Diverse Needs

Engage in a Rich Math TaskDiscuss Your ExperienceDifferentiation of Content in Math and ELAReflecting on Differentiation and InclusionVNPS and VRGUsing the Redesigned Curriculum as a ToolReflecting on Learning GoalsBonus Track for Teachers

Please refer to the “Activity” sheet for discussion questions explored in the presentation.

Ready to try some rich math tasks? Refer to this Implementation Guide for beginning steps to building a thinking classroom and sources of rich math tasks.

Refer to the following document for more resources related to the BC redesigned curriculum and differentiating math instructions:


Tomlinson, Carol Ann, and Tonya R. Moon. Assessment and Student Success in a Differentiated Classroom. ASCD, 2013.