Silver Creek at the Heritage Fair

Since 2003, the Heritage Fair has been an annual event across the province bringing together 4,000 students and 700 volunteers to demonstrate their knowledge about Canadian history. The main focus of the BC Heritage Fair is “to promote an awareness and understanding of Canadian history and heritage among students and adults in the province of British Columbia.”( This year, the students at Catina Carpenter’s grade 6/7 class at Silver Creek Elementary in Hope had the opportunity to compete at the Fraser Valley division of the Heritage Fair hosted in the gymnasium at the University of the Fraser Valley in Abbotsford.

Students chose a variety of different topics related to Canada’s history and with the help of technology from SETBC, they began their research. Topics ranged from the history of Canadian flags to Terry Fox’s Marathon of Hope. With the ipads and the brainstorming app, Popplet, students began their writing process to eventually create a display board that they used to compete at the school level. From there and by invitation only, some students were successfully asked to compete at the Regional Fair at UFV. Here, the students presented their projects and responded to questions from judges about their display board. Catina’s student, Kalum, explains his heritage fair project on the Klondike Gold Rush in the following video and how he used one of the apps.

After the regional fair, select students were chosen to attend the Provincial Fair that will be held in Victoria from July 3 – 7, 2019 where they will showcase their projects at the Royal BC Museum and experience the history of BC by exploring various historical sites around the province’s capital city.

For the 2018/19 school year, Catina received 10 ipads with the apps Popplet and iWordQ to support the diverse range of learners in her classroom and she found that the technology, especially Popplet, was a good way for helping students organize their information as well. “It gave them a way to map their information and iWordQ was particularly helpful for the struggling writers as students could use the word prediction component and have their written work be read back to them,” according to Catina.

Overall, she felt the technology helped with the quality of work produced by the students and Catina stated that, “The Heritage Fair was a lot of hard work but at the end, the students were proud of what they learned. Our class received lots of support with the technology from SETBC. It was amazing.” Well done, Silver Creek Elementary. Keep up the hard work and good luck with next year’s Heritage Fair.

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