Theresa_Grech_600x450SET-BC was honoured to host Theresa Grech on May 17th, 2019 as she presented a workshop titled Mental Health and Neurodevelopmental Disorders: Why Technology is SO Important!

The session aimed to assist educators by providing an inclusive lens to support our students with neurodiverse needs.  Theresa provided information on the range of neurodevelopmental disorders and factors associated with childhood mental wellness.  Understanding these challenges is vital, as they affect the growth and development of a child’s brain, and can impair their ability to function socially and academically.  Behaviour, memory, and ability to regulate and learn are all significant factors that can potentially be impacted.  Theresa went into depth on the primary disabilities associated with neurodevelopmental disorders, and how important it is to identify these challenges early in order to decrease the risk for development of secondary disabilities such as mental health disorders.

As educators we have the ability to influence positive change, help our students meet optimal goals, and provide for an inclusive environment.  Theresa provided many strategies on how to best support our students with the use of technology in this area of neurodiversity.

Theresa presented in person to educators at the SET-BC Provincial Centre, as well as via live-stream to five districts around the Province.  This workshop was recorded and is available as a resource on SET-BC’s website.

Thank you, Theresa, for a very engaging and informative session.  We truly appreciate your willingness to share both time and knowledge to enrich the practices of educators around our Province!

This resource is available along with other workshop handouts at:

Part One - (37:55)Part Two - (31:19)Part Three - (30:25)Part Four - (26:36)Part Five - (28:35)