What do you want from a lunch box? A place to keep your carrots crunchy? Perhaps you are interested in a hot coffee carafe compartment? Or maybe you want to keep your kale kool (or cool!)? These curious lunch kit questions and more were all considered by students in Joanna Lake’s Grade 4/5 class at Quadra Elementary during their design thinking challenge.

Using a design thinking approach, Ms. Lake had tasked her students to create lunch box prototypes. The students dove into their task by determining questions which could be used to ask about lunch box preferences. These questions were then posed to family members or peers to best determine which features would be included in a lunch box prototype. Ms. Lake emphasized the need to develop an empathetic stance during this part of the design challenge: the lunchbox would be designed with your partner’s criteria.

In her application for a Tier 2 Classroom Based Solution with SET-BC, Joanna spoke about wanting to further her students’ critical thinking and perspective taking skills. The design thinking challenge that she put to her students provided an opportunity for her Grade 4/5 class to continue to develop both of these crucial skills. She also wanted to provide the opportunity to her students to showcase their learning using digital tools such as iMovie and Explain Everything. The two “evergreen” apps can be used by students to incorporate video, photographs, text, recorded speech and more to share their learning.

SET-BC provided Ms. Lake’s class with a set of iPads paired with headsets with microphones. She also worked with a SET-BC Tier 2 consultant through classroom visits and release time to deploy the iPads to her students. The students worked in pairs to move their prototypes into products. Using boxes, string, aluminum foil, tape and other “found” objects, the student groups created colourful lunch boxes ready to be marketed to lucky consumers.

The final step in the design thinking challenge was to create a commercial for their products. Using the iPads, students shot commercials to market the unique features of their one-of-a-kind lunchboxes. Please check out their commercials below!