Elizabeth Uses her Technology to Explore her Passion for Birds and FishElizabeth is a loving, determined student in Powell River, BC. She is busy building friendships in her grade two classroom – she loves being with her friends, surrounded by people, and giving out hugs. She is an active and busy girl, motoring around in her walker. Elizabeth loves being outside, particularly with her shoes off in the sand. She often hangs out by the slide at the playground, waiting for her friends to come down. Elizabeth’s determined nature helps her make these social connections while meeting the challenges associated with being deafblind – her cochlear implant and glasses also help her get the most out of her days at school.

Last year, Elizabeth’s class hatched and raised baby chicks, sparking her passion for birds. Elizabeth uses the sign for birds and would love to talk about them, but her interest is growing faster than her language. Her school team is keen to support Elizabeth’s language growth. Together with SET-BC, they have decided this year to introduce Communicator 5 for Elizabeth’s communication needs and Clicker 7 to support her classroom learning. Already, Elizabeth is excited to access bird and fish videos independently.

This year, Elizabeth’s class will be raising fish, and she is excited to learn more. We look forward to hearing what Elizabeth has to say!

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