Dr Bruce Beairsto at SET-BC 2019 ConferenceOn February 21st, 2019, Dr. Beairsto presented this second, very memorable keynote address to our Technology in the Inclusive Classroom audience.

Through his very relatable storytelling style, Dr. Beairsto shared the pedagogical and structural foundations that have to be laid in order for all of us to use technology effectively when creating inclusive schools that achieve our educational goals for all students.  Following the keynote, audience members reported that they found the presentation very inspirational with several immediately inquiring as to how they might get “Dr. Bruce” to come to their district to speak.

Thank you, Dr. Beairsto, for your thought-provoking presentation – your experience and perspective are so invaluable to BC educators and so appreciated!

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About Dr. Beairsto

Bruce BeairstoBruce Beairsto is an Adjunct Professor in Education at SFU. He taught in Richmond from 1973 to 2010, beginning as a junior secondary Math/Science teacher and retiring as Superintendent. Along the way he was the Technology Coordinator when the Apple IIe was the cutting edge of technology and the Assistant Superintendent responsible for the first fully integrated Learning Services department in BC in the early 1990’s when integration was just beginning to change our understanding of special education. He is both a pioneer of, and a passionate advocate for, inclusion.