Learning is holistic, reflecive, reflective, experiential and relational (focused on connectedness, on reciprocal relationships and on a sense of place.)

– First Peoples Principles of Learning, FNESC

Learning is holistic, experiential, and relational…

Monica Lee at the First Peoples workshopOn October 31st and November 1st, 2018, SET-BC had the privilege of hosting a 2-day intensive training session for mentors from six BC school districts on the topic of Classroom technologies and First Peoples Principles of Learning. The wonderful mix of participant backgrounds, including aboriginal education teachers, classroom teachers, district administrators from aboriginal education and technology departments and district technology helping teachers, provided a great platform for dialogue and knowledge exchange during our time together.

Learning involves generational roles and responsibilities…

The training model for this mentorship workshop was slightly different than some of the other professional offerings facilitated by SET-BC. The focus of this 2-day intensive workshop was to provide training on material found in our SET-BC Web Resource for mentors in the districts. Each attending district was invited to send up to 2 mentors to our SET-BC Provincial Centre in Vancouver to attend this 2-day event. After attending the workshop at SET-BC, the mentors, equipped with the material from the online resource, will be able to take their learning and go back to their districts to provide professional development for their own teachers.

Learning involves patience and time…

two participants at a workshopThis alternative training model works to address some of the challenges and realities that districts are currently facing in terms of providing timely professional development that fit within teachers’ busy working schedules. Having a trained mentor working within the district will hopefully alleviate some of the pressure for districts to make time for their teachers to attend a specific workshop at a specific time and date, as well as provide teachers with an easily accessible ongoing point of contact and support for the topic. Mentors can meet with their local teachers in formats and at times that work well for their specific district (eg. Lunch & Learns, afterschool workshops, professional learning communities etc.)

Learning is reflexive and reflective, experiential and relational… focused on connectedness, on reciprocal relationships…

Over the two days, participants explored the context and background to the First Peoples Principles of Learning, examined how the principles work within the context of the re-designed curriculum, and studied examples of technology-supported, project-based classroom examples such as Digital Story-telling, Medicinal Garden, Place-Based Learning and Endangered Languages. Mentors also had the opportunity to reflect on their own learning, dialogue with other participants from different districts and share ideas and learning experiences. Finally, mentors were introduced to various training strategies that would help them deliver the workshop information, using the online course as the base for teacher resources. Mentors were provided with a working copy of the training slides to support their training work as they take the learning back to their own teachers.

Learning ultimately supports the well-being of the self… the community…

two participants in a workshop on their devicesAccording to those in attendance, mentors found the session to be a useful time of self-reflection that supports their own learning journeys. The mentors indicated interest in virtually reconnecting later in the year to share and collaborate further as they plan and facilitate activities in their home districts.

Workshop “Take-Aways”

“Importance of acknowledging territory”

“Making learning FPPL fun.”

“1) Importance of FPPL 2) Importance of working collaboratively 3) Ability to incorporate technology”

“Introduced to new technologies to integrate into my programs. The SET-BC site for this topic is comprehensive and has great connected resources.”

participant at a workshop on his phone and laptopWe would like to thank all those who attended this mentorship event – we look forward to hearing from everyone as they work to support their own teachers in their various communities.