Workshop on Project Based LearningOn October 5th, teachers from Kindergarten through Grade 12 in SD75 (Mission) attended a face-to-face workshop on Project Based Learning (PBL). These classroom teachers were joined by specialist teachers and district staff to participate in a morning of learning and collaboration. Participants in this session explored how PBL can be implemented in the classroom to support inclusive education, personalized learning, and student engagement.

Participants engaged in conversation about the redesigned curriculum and core competencies, and how PBL can be used as a teaching method to explore curricular content, teach 21st Century skills, and meet the diverse needs of learners in our classrooms.

Participants reviewed the gold standards of PBL design and the different ways that technology can be implemented to support these design elements. In addition to thinking about PBL elements and technology integration, participants had the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues to plan PBL for their classrooms.  Resources including the session presentation and handouts can be found on Carly Herman’s Aftershare blog.

Thanks SD75 for a collaborative morning of learning!

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