Google Classroom LogoThe Google Classroom is a digital space for teachers and students to interact. Teachers can communicate to their class as a whole and communicate to individual students privately. Students can hand in assignments directly to their teacher within the Google Classroom environment. Teachers can provide formative and summative assessment of a student’s work. Google Classroom is a tool that opens up a new channel for communication. Perhaps it becomes a place where students who wouldn’t normally contribute to class discussions become more comfortable sharing their ideas at their own pace.

Please note – Since it is a cloud based system please make sure there is informed consent for using this platform. This collection of video tutorials will show how to set up a Google Classroom, link to the Google drive, communicate in the environment, and work with assignments.

What is Google Classroom?

  • This video demonstrates how to use the Google Classroom and introduces the parts that we’ll learn about in this series of video tutorials.

Connecting Google Drive to the Classroom

  • Google Classroom saves all of the assignments that the teacher and students create in the Google Drive.  Google creates folders to help keep things sorted out.  Where are the files stored?  In the Cloud?  What and where is the Cloud? Watch and find out.

Creating a Classroom

  • This tutorial starts to put the building blocks together for creating a Google Classroom.

Changing the Background

  • The background image helps to visually shape a Google Classroom.  It can be changed and updated as often as desired.

Adding Students and Teachers

  • This tutorial demonstrates how to add students and teachers to a Google Classroom.  There are a number of different options for how to do this.

What is the Stream?

  • The stream is like a news feed but within the Google Classroom environment.  Students and Teachers can post announcements into the stream for the class to see.

Creating Topics and Questions

  • Keeping things organized in Google Classroom is important for success.  Creating a Topic is similar to creating ‘Units of Study’.  A Question can be multiple choice or short answer made by the teacher for the students to answer.

Creating an Assignment

  • Creating assignments starts to draw on the whole Google Platform.  So spreadsheets, docs etc can be incorporated into the Google Classroom.

Viewing and Submitting Assignments

  • Students will need to submit work and teachers will want to view the work.  This will be demonstrated here.

Grading Assignments

  • Once the work has been submitted, then teachers will be able to grade the work and return the work to the whole class at the same time.
What is Google Classroom?Connecting Google Drive to the ClassroomCreating a ClassroomChanging the BackgroundAdding Students and TeachersWhat is the Stream?Creating Topics and QuestionsCreating an AssignmentViewing and Submitting Assignments Grading Assignments