Coding Kit #2 Overview

Students will explore basic coding skills while programming robot mice to navigate mazes in search of cheese. The Go Talk 9+ will aid communication. Please note, the same mouse activity kit has been adapted by PRCVI for students with visual impairments and can be signed out from their lending library. It includes Brailled versions of the guide, flashcards and coding cards.

robot_mouse_activity_kit Code and Go Robot Mouse Activity Kit

  • Build a maze and then use coding cards to create a step-by-step path for the robot mouse to find the cheese
  • Includes 30 double-sized coding cards, 10 double-sided activity cards
  • Robot mouse provides auditory feedback when he runs into a wall or finds his cheese
  • BONUS: In partnership with PRCVI, resources for students with visually impairments have been created and can be signed out from their lending library (see resources section)
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robot mouse Code and Go Robot Mouse

  • An additional robot mouse for use with the Code and Go Robot Mouse Activity Set (note, this is a second mouse for this SETdirect kit)
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GoTalk 9 GoTalk 9+

  • Records and stores up to 45 messages in five levels
  • Nine programmable buttons that allow the user to personalize each level with pictures and vocal recordings
  • Includes three additional “core” buttons for frequently used words or phrases
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