Card Making Kit Overview

The accessibility features of the Card Making Kit enable all students to take part in making paper that can be used decoratively when creating cards with cardstock. The Jelly Bean Switch and Powerlink, attached to the Blender, will assist access-challenged students to activate the blender themselves, while the GoTalk will aid communication and reinforce the steps to follow. The Stamp Platform will help facilitate stamping the cards.

Oster Blender white Oster Electric Blender

Powerlink 4 Powerlink 4 ECU (Environmental Control Unit)

  • Control up to 2 electrical appliances with single switches
  • 6 modes of control that allows the user to define exactly how, and for how long, appliances will be turned on
  • All students may use this technology including those that need adapted access
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goTalkOne GoTalk One

  • 6 single message speech generating devices
  • Record up to 10 seconds of audio on each
  • Visual cuing on each device for sequential steps in a recipe
  • Durable, easy-to-carry vinyl pockets hold all six GoTalk 1 devices
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Jelly Bean Twist Switch Jelly Bean Twist Switch

  • 2.5-in/6.4-cm activation surface
  • Red, Blue, Yellow, or Green caps includes a clear snap cap for symbol use
  • Wired 3.5 mm mono jack
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 Paper Trimmer Paper Trimmer

  • Includes 4 types of blades: straight, perforated, wavy and fold
  • Carry handle for portable ease
  • Retractable safety blade is only exposed when trimming
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 Paper Making Kit Paper Making Kit

  • 3 molds: 2 X 2 in., 2 x 3 in., and 3 x 4 in.
  • Instruction and recipe booklet
  • Sponge, couching sheets, along with fun colour and texture ingredients
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 Stamp platform with stamps Stamp Platform and stamps

GoTalk OneHow to Attach the PowerLink 4 to the BlenderPaper CutterPaper MakingStamp Platform