Lake Trail Middle School Explores the Path of TechnologyLance Lloyd is a grade 6/7 teacher in School District 71 who is using iPads in the classroom. He has been teaching 18 years, 13 of which have been at Lake Trail Middle School. He has been a Learning Support Teacher in the past and is now teaching in the classroom full time. Lance has previously worked with technology but this is his first year working with iPads. Working with SET-BC Tier 2 consultant Kamelia Dousti, District Support Teacher Jane Rondow and the SD 71 Student Services, the goal was to create a rich learning environment for all of his students.
Since receiving his iPads from SET-BC, he has integrated them into his lesson planning. As a way to learn about iPad use, students were asked to create a Pic Collage to use as the background for their Home page.

Mr. Lloyd introduced his class to iMovie as a cumulative assessment for science. The students worked in groups and chose a BC animal to show how it has adapted to its environment. Some students used iTunes to add music and used the App Pic Collage to bring in text and images into their movies. They used the iPad to reflect on their project in their ePortfolios. The students also recorded their own science experiments and shared their movies and reflections with their parents through their ePortfolio.

In Socials Studies the app Pic Collage was used to create a collage depicting two innovations in the Mesopotamia period.
In Language Arts, students used iPhoto to take pictures from their outside environment to inspire their writing. They read the story of The Tortoise and the Hare and used the iApp Book Creator to import pictures and text to re-write the story in their own words. They also used Office 365 to write their own fable, and used Chatterpix to put together another book using their own photos and Book Creator. They planned to share their books with the nearby elementary school. Mr. Lloyd introduced the iApp Voice Dream for his students with perceptual difficulty to read a novel (City of Ember). All students also have access to Google Read&Write to help support their writing.

As their cumulative PE dance unit, Mr. Lloyd videotaped the students and uploaded it with his write-up and reflections onto his ePortolio for parents to watch.

Mr. Lloyd has used a variety of iApps to engage all of the learners in his class. One iApp the students particularly enjoy is Kahoot! He has questions on the Mesopotamia unit, Science, Reading Strategies, and Comox First Nations. The students will soon be creating their own Kahoot! on their science unit, Matter.

Classroom Teacher Lance Lloyd has many innovative and creative ideas to engage learners in his class. He is a great example of trying different avenues to engage his students.

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Watch the video created by Mr. Lloyd’s students.