Communicator 5 Maker DayOn April 9th 2018, dedicated team members who support complex needs students met at SET-BC to make custom resources. With the support of Tier 3 SET-BC consultants, District Speech and Language Pathologists, as well as Occupational Therapists, spent the day crafting Communicator 5 pagesets, to suit the diverse needs of their students. The Maker Day was held at the SET-BC Learning Centre in Vancouver, allowing district specialists to step away from the busy and demanding nature of their roles, and spend time focusing on building communication sets for both switch access and eye gaze students. The group was able to troubleshoot the intricacies and nuances of Communicator 5 software, empowering team members to be able to make their own resources.

The day allowed for resources to be shared, as well as collaboration across districts, in determining best supports for individual students. Some teams spent the day building their own communication boards, and others focused on inclusion activities such as making an automated colour dice roll. All the communicator 5 resources created will be added to resourceSET for everyone to access.

Communicator 5 Maker DayThis is the second Communicator 5 Maker Day that has been held at SET-BC this school year – the first day being in December 2017 – with highly successful with teams across five lower mainland districts attending.
The enthusiasm that SET-BC has received from this Maker Day has been exceptional.

SET-BC plans to use this as a platform for a Professional Learning Community in 2018-19, so watch this space in the new school year! For links to the Communicator5 files (.ccdx) as well as other custom resources, please visit SET-BC’s resourceSET.