CBS_600x450Tier 1 – Professional learning opportunities focused on broad topics of how to use technology within current educational frameworks,

Tier 2 – Professional learning opportunities focused on specific technologies AND classroom-based technology solutions or loans, and

Tier 3 – Professional learning opportunities focused on technologies to support students with complex needs AND student-based technology solutions or loans.

A  SET-BC Tier 2 Classroom Based Solution (CBS) is a situation in which a classroom teacher is given an opportunity to receive SET-BC consultant training and support as well as supportive technology to work toward a curriculum goal in the classroom.  Classroom Based Solutions are an allocated service from SET-BC – each year, we are able to support a specific number of classrooms in each BC school district.

Each spring, interested classroom teachers can apply to their district to be one of the classrooms to receive SET-BC service for the upcoming school year.  Each district will set their own application deadlines and will decide which classrooms will receive CBS support.  The district team then forwards the information about the classrooms prioritized for service to the SET-BC provincial team.

Once SET-BC is able to confirm services for the district’s CBS, classroom teachers will then be contacted by a SET-BC consultant who will arrange a Collaborative Action Plan (CAP) meeting to discuss the specific goals that they wish to pursue with their students.  The SET-BC consultant will partner with the team to find a technology solution to suit their goals, arrange the loan of the equipment and be available for ongoing training and support for the classroom teacher for the duration of the school year.  Consultant support can be in the form of training on a specific software, implementation strategies and ideas, co-teaching opportunities and/or provision of supportive resources.  Each classroom teacher who receives SET-BC classroom-based support can receive up to two days of release time for planning, training, and implementation support.

Every year, CBSs around the province are varied and exciting.  Ideas proposed from classroom teachers have resulted in a multitude of successful and innovative solutions where teachers and students have benefitted from having access to both the technology and the support to use the technology in the classroom setting. In working together on Classroom Based Technology Solutions, SET-BC and school districts are partnering to identify and implement effective technology solutions to support diverse learners at all grade levels.

Please visit to view examples of SET-BC Classroom Based Solutions that have taken place in our province.  For further information on SET-BC Classroom Based Solutions, see SET-BC_Services_2016-2017_Tier_2 (pp. 4-6)