• May 31, 2018

making_video_600x450This self-directed course is designed to deepen participant’s understanding of Video Modeling as an instructional strategy. Whether you are a classroom teacher who is looking for another way to represent a concept or skill, or if you are a resource teacher looking for a mode of teaching ‘expected’ behaviors, this strategy has proven to be an effective method for all.

In this resource, you will find both theoretical and practical information that will support you in implementing video modeling as an instructional practice. This course is laid out as a ‘learn’, ‘plan’, ‘do’, model which will take you through understanding Video Modeling from a theoretical standpoint, right through to creating video models, using a variety of tools.


Video modeling is an instructional strategy which utilizes video recordings to provide a visual model of a targeted behaviour or skill. The research surrounding this method of teaching, suggests that it is particularly effective with learners from early childhood through to middle school. Video modeling is a simple and effective tool that harnesses the engaging properties of videos to motivate learners to visualize, rehearse and practice behaviors or skills.


This is a framework for planning the steps to create an effective Video Modeling experience.


Creating the video can be done using a variety of methods, but there exist a number of intuitive applications that can help facilitate the editing process.