iApps_Support_Learning_60x450This resource contains various free and paid iApps that can be used to support learning in your classroom.  Each section focuses on one or two iApps. Included is a tutorial on how to use the App, along with implementation ideas that may support the teacher in representing lessons, or ideas on how students can express their learning.

Book Creator

Book Creator is a versatile tool that can be used to create books or projects in any subject area.  The books can be saved in .pdf or movie format, published to iBooks, or shared in a variety of ways.  Book Creator would benefit students who need a very simple and intuitive yet powerful tool for creating digital books and who may need to use the writing supports built into the iPad or express their learning verbally.

Toontastic and Popplet Lite

Toontastic is an open-ended 3D Story-telling App that allows students and educators to draw, animate, and narrate cartoons to express a story, an idea, or an experiment.

Popplet Lite is an app for iPad that allows the user to present ideas through concept maps which can include text, drawings and media.  This tool can be used by teachers to activate prior knowledge and by students as a pre-writing activity.

Tellegami and Chatterpix

Tellagami is a tool that helps you create and share a quick animated video called a Gami. Tellagami could be used by students who want to demonstrate their knowledge verbally, and may be motivating for students who are reluctant to speak.

ChatterPix Kids makes any image talk. Simply take a photo of an object, draw a line to make a mouth and record your voice. ChatterPix Kids supports students who want to demonstrate their knowledge or send a message verbally.