Synergy Project Excitement

The 2017-2018 Synergy Projects have started to ship to schools and classrooms around the province! One such delivery was made to a grade 2/3 class at Keating Elementary on the Saanich Peninsula, outside of Victoria. Ray Stewart applied for, and was selected to participate in the “Communication Skills” Synergy project this year, and was thrilled to have his equipment arrive, and introduce it to his class before the Thanksgiving weekend.

After exploring the iPads, and the Ultimate Padcaster Studio, Mr. Stewart commented that it appeared “way above and beyond, in quality what I thought we would actually get”. Students were involved with the unpacking process, predicted the sorts of things they might do with the iPads and Padcaster Studio, and offered some great suggestions for projects that they might do this year.  We are looking forward to following up with Mr. Stewart and his class as they progress along their Synergy Project journey this year.  Stay tuned for more!

This video follows-up with Mr. Stewart and the Grade 2/3 class at Keating Elementary as they participate in the “Communication Skills” Synergy Project with SET-BC.  They discuss some of  the highlights, challenges and the learning they have gained thus far in their project.

Since the box-opening of the equipment, the class has been working hard with their iPads and Ultimate Padcaster Studio, creating videos based on the “Superflex” social thinking curriculum.  The goal for the class is to create a series of video resources that can be shared with the larger school community and beyond. These videos feature scenarios developed and filmed by the grade 2/3 class, and are meant to help viewers consider the tenets of social thinking within the “Superflex” curriculum.  Mr. Stewart and the class hope these videos can be used by other teachers, parents, counsellors etc. as discussion-starters and mini-lessons as they work with other students in the community.