clicker 7 logoCricksoft has provided several apps that each provide one small portion of the Clicker 7 program on the iPad. The Clicker Books app will allow the user to make talking books. The Clicker Docs app will allow the user to write with word prediction, word bank and text-to-speech support. The Clicker Sentences app mimics the Clicker Sentence Set activities that can be made in both Clicker 6 and 7 where students work with broken up sentences to re-create them. The Clicker Connect app supports students to write using suggestions for writing content in structured word clusters.

Getting Started with Clicker Books App

Clicker Books is Cricksoft’s app that allows the user to make a digital book that can be read by one of the several voices provided or can be recorded by the user. Clicker Books has the ability to work in conjunction with a word bank for supported writing and book creation.

Getting Started with Clicker Docs App

Clicker Docs is Cricksoft’s app that works as a supportive word processor with word prediction and text-to-speech as well as the ability to have the user supported by word banks that can be quickly and easily created on any topic. (Note: Word banks can be created in Clicker 7 on the laptop version of the software and transferred to Clicker Docs via Air Drop, Drop Box, Google Drive, OneDrive or WebDAV.)

Getting Started with Clicker Sentences App

Clicker Sentences is the Clicker app that will break sentences into pieces allowing the user to reconstruct the sentence. A model of the sentence may be provided on the grid, within a pop-up window that must be closed prior to the user continuing his sentence creation, or with a model sentence that is only spoken. It is also possible to create activities that have no sentence model whatsoever and rely on the user putting the words together with support of the read-back voices available within the app.

Getting Started with Clicker Connect App

Clicker Connect is Cricksoft’s app that allows for building sentences and writing using word clusters to support the writing process. Lead students through the structure of sentences and composition by offering them suggested word ideas every step of the way.

Additional resources to support Clicker Apps use