jenniferKatz_breakout4We are so excited to be welcoming Dr. Jennifer Katz back for another great presentation! Dr. Katz presented Inclusion in the High School last year at our District Partner Conference and many attendees indicated the information shared was important for all educators.

On November 24th, she will be presenting Assessment in the New Curriculum at the SET-BC Provincial Centre with streaming to other locations around the province.

In this full day session, Dr. Katz will explain in detail assessment of curricular big ideas and skills from Gr. K-12, and how to build rubrics that recognize a continuum of learning, and can be used to determine letter grades and percentages as well as anecdotal comments.

She will focus on tools for assessment of, for, and as learning, methods of assessing students with learning differences, and share specific examples. She will also demonstrate proven methods that reduce teacher time needed for marking and report card writing, while emphasizing critical and creative thinking, and discuss the issue of core competencies and exploring student development related to them.

For more information on Dr. Jennifer Katz and the upcoming workshop, download the Assessment in the New Curriculum flyer.