tasteTechnology_02_600x450SET-BC got off to a busy and early start this September with tasteTechnology_01_600x450SET-BC Consultant, Josh Campbell, presenting the first SET-BC workshop only six days into the start of the year.

On the afternoon of September 11, Josh headed to School District #68 Nanaimo to whet the appetite of district support teachers for the platter of possibilities that technology can offer to support their students.

On the menu for the more than thirty participants were appetizers of UDL, small servings of technology trials and an entrée of innovative examples of how students might feel who had difficulty reading and writing.  Josh deftly led the lively group through a series of courses serving up suggestions as to why it is necessary to present information in multiple ways, why students need options and why engagement is key. Participants sampled iPad’s accessibility settings, trying out dictation, read-back and distilling features and other optional tidbits of reading, writing and access supports. The teachers were also given a taste of Read and Write for Google, checking out word prediction, picture supports, dictionaries, vocabulary builders and much more.

tasteTechnology_03_600x450At the end of the session, comfortably full of information, all teachers were able to tell what technology lessons would best satisfy their cravings to learn more, giving the district and consultant the opportunity to tailor their next technology try-out to those items that were of interest to the teachers.

As take-away at the end of a long and busy day, teachers were given a doggy-bag of information in the form of an AfterShare site where all participants can go to re-fill and replenish their knowledge as their appetite for technology knowledge grows.

Bon appétit, Nanaimo – thank you for hosting the first technology event of the year!