018 Class Leader Kit Overview

The SETdirect class leader’s kit allows everyone to teach, learn and do. The switch activated spinner and communication device enable any student to lead a BINGO themed learning activity. This kit is designed to support game-based learning as well as a variety of other classroom activities.

All Turn It Spinner All Turn It Spinner

  • Switch activated spinner
  • Built in spin button or use external 3.5 mm switch
  • Make your own overlays for use with a variety of activities
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Bingo Bingo Cage and Balls

GoTalk 4+ GoTalk 4+

Jelly Bean Twist Switch Jelly Bean Twist Switch

  • 2.5-in/6.4-cm activation surface
  • Red, Blue, Yellow, or Green caps includes a clear snap cap for symbol use
  • Wired 3.5 mm mono jack
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