017 Science Kit Overview

New for 2017-2018, the Science Kit brings accessibility to examining the microscopic world. The digital microscope, and large high definition monitor combine to give all students access to the excitement of observing magnified items (up to 220x!). We have included 48 sample slides for viewing a variety of items across a number of content areas.

The Go Talk 9+ can be programmed with appropriate vocabulary for activities pertaining to exploring with the microscope.

HDMI microscope Digital HDMI Microscope

  • User-friendly microscope bringing up to 220x magnification to computer or monitor through USB or HDMI interface
  • Comes with sturdy base for stable viewing
  • Built in camera for preserving observations on the included micro-SD card
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microscope specimens kit Microscope Specimens Kit

  • 48 prepared slides (plastic) for microscope use
  • Categories include: entomology, botany, mammology
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HDMI Monitor HDMI Monitor

  • Dell 22″ high definition monitor
  • Connects directly to the HDMI microscope with no need for additional devices or interfaces
GoTalk 9 GoTalk 9+

  • Records and stores up to 45 messages in five levels
  • Nine programmable buttons that allow the user to personalize each level with pictures and vocal recordings
  • Includes three additional “core” buttons for frequently used words or phrases
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