clicker_7_featureImage_600x450This online course is intended to introduce the first-time user to Cricksoft’s Clicker 7 software and how to use it as a tool for inclusion in the classroom.  Beginning with a general introduction to Clicker 7, the platforms on which it is available and the multiplicity of learners that it is intended to support, the course continues through all the major functions of the program giving examples of how it could be used to support students in an inclusive classroom setting.

From language development to literacy to Mathematics and Science content, Social Studies and social skills, Clicker 7 can be configured to support a wide variety of content and allows access to a wide variety of users.  There are 13 modules to the course ranging in length from 4 to 14 minutes.  The modules are meant to be followed in order as the skills build from module to module and rely on the user understanding each segment before moving onto the next.

Module 1 - Introduction to Clicker 7

What is Clicker 7?  Who is it intended to support?  What platforms can it be used on?  How can Clicker 7 be accessed? How does it differ from Clicker 6?

Introduction to Clicker 7

Module 2 - Files Explorer

Orient yourself to Clicker 7 becoming familiar with the Quick Start Menu and how to navigate the various tabs, menus and files areas.

Clicker 7 Explorer and Files

Module 3 - Clicker 7 Word Processor

Clicker 7’s supportive Word Processor provides visual supports in the form of pictures above words, in word prediction and spell-check,  as well as audio/read-back support,  magnification supports and the new voice-note and word pool supports among many others.

Clicker 7 Word Processor

Module 4 - Adding Larger Picture Prompts to Word Processor Documents

Engage students with the variety of ways in which Clicker 7 will add larger pictures to documents whether to illustrate student writing or as a prompt to motivate output.  Clicker 7 allows for inserting pictures in several fun and innovative ways.

Clicker 7 Adding Larger Pictures

Module 5 - Making a Clicker Board

Clicker Board is a feature that is brand new in Clicker 7.  Web words and ideas with picture, word prediction and on-screen keyboard supports.  Colour code to group and organize concepts and turn all student-generated words and ideas into word and picture banks for future writing endeavours.

Clicker 7 Making a Clicker Board

Module 6 - Making a Book

Making a book in Clicker 7 has never been easier.   Now that Clicker 7’s making a book interface echoes that of the Clicker Book app, you can easily create talking (or non-talking books that can be shared in the Clicker Book app or full computer program).  Let students show what they know using word prediction and word bank supports.

Clicker 7 Making a Talking Book

Module 7 - Sample Activities in Clicker 7

Clicker 7 has multiple examples within Shared Files to show you the variety of activities that are possible with Clicker 7.  Take some time to explore and see what Clicker can do.

Clicker 7 Sample Activities

Module 8 - Make a Clicker Set

Clicker 7 provides several quick and easy-to-use activity creation wizards.  Explore and try making a Sentence Set, Connect Set, Word Bank, Clicker Board and more.

Clicker 7 Make a Clicker Set

Module 9 - Clicker 6 Templates

Explore further quick and easy-to-create activities such as making a talk set for students who prefer to tell rather than to write, or a matching set to teach and reinforce vocabulary and new concepts.

Clicker 7 Talk and Matching Set

Module 10 - Make a Custom Clicker Set

Module 11 - Downloading Free Resources from Cricksoft

Cricksoft, the developer of the Clicker programs, offers pre-made activities through LearningGrids to support age-levels from three to adult and a wide variety of content areas from Arts, through Geography, Literature and Science themes and much more.

Clicker 7 Download from LearningGrids

Module 12 - Downloading Resources from SET-BC's resourceSET

SET-BC’s consultants have created some Clicker 7 resources available for download from our own ResourceSET.  Remember, anything created in Clicker 6 should open easily in Clicker 7.

Clicker 7 Download SET-BC ResourceSET

Module 13 - Alternate Access in Clicker 7

Clicker 7 permits inclusivity of all students allowing alternate access features, switches and scanning, and, new in Clicker 7, access via mouse dwell/eye-gaze.  An introduction to the access features of Clicker 7 is presented here in Module 13.

Clicker 7 Alternate Access