Clicker 6 Online CourseThis online course is intended to introduce the first-time user to Cricksoft’s Clicker 6 software and how to use it as a tool for inclusion in the classroom.  Beginning with a general introduction to the Clicker 6 software, the platforms on which it is available and the multiplicity of learners that it is intended to support, the course continues through all the major functions of the program giving examples of how it could be used to support students in an inclusive classroom setting.

From language development to literacy to Mathematics and Science content, Social Studies and social skills, Clicker 6 can be configured to support a wide variety of content and allows access to a wide variety of users.  There are 13 modules to the course for a total of approximately 95 minutes of video instruction time with additional resource supports for each segment.  The modules are meant to be followed in order as the skills build from module to module and rely on the user understanding each segment before moving onto the next.

Module 1 - Introduction to Clicker 6

What is Clicker 6?  Who is it intended to support?  What platforms can it be used on?  What, if any, alternate access options are available in Clicker 6?

Including All Students with Clicker 6 Software

Module 2 - Files Explorer

Orient yourself to Clicker 6 becoming familiar with the Quick Start Menu and how to navigate the various tabs, menus and files areas.

Clicker 6 Files Explorer

Module 3 - Clicker 6 Word Processor

Clicker 6’s supportive word processor offers picture and audio support, word prediction, spell-check, magnification and more.

Clicker 6 Word Processor

Module 4 - Adding Larger Pictures to Word Processor Documents

Engage students using Clicker 6’s inventive and compelling methods of adding photos, drawings and pictures to writing. What will they want to write about next?

Clicker 6 Adding Larger Pictures

Module 5 - Making a Talking Book

Creating a digital storybook has never been easier. Learn to access all the features to have students create their own talking books or use the program to create your own social stories and content supports.

Clicker 6 Making a Talking Book

Module 6 - Sample Clicker Sets in Shared Files

Clicker 6 provides many sample activities to get you started in understanding what is possible in the program and give you examples of what you can do to support your students’ literacy and content-area development.

Clicker 6 Sample Clicker Sets

Module 7 - Quick Grid Wizards

Quickly and easily create your own personalized Clicker Grid Sets using the Quick Grid Wizards available in the Make a Clicker Set area of the program. Sentences Sets, Word Banks, Picture Banks are all just a few clicks away.

Clicker 6 Quick Grid Wizards

Module 8 - Quick Page Wizards

Quick Page Wizards offer even more options to create full page activities within Clicker 6. Listen and Say, Matching Sets, Talk About, Tell the Story, and Writing a (Supported) Book are all full activity creation options that can be created in minutes.

Clicker 6 Quick Page Wizards

Module 9 - Clicker 6 Templates

Blanks, Book Making, Labelling, Picture Banks, Sentences Building, Word Banks and Writing Frames can be customized to fit almost any classroom activity. Learn the basics of how to navigate in Edit Mode so that you can make whatever you need to adapt classroom lessons.

Clicker 6 Templates

Module 10 - Make a Clickerset from a Blank Template

Dive into the deep end and work with Clicker 6 in Edit Mode. Start with a blank template and add cells and content. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Clicker 6 Make a Custom Clickerset

Module 11 - Downloading Free Resources from LearningGrids

Don’t forget to check out the many and excellent activities that are already made and available for free download from the developer of the Clicker 6 program. A variety of activities to suit multiple ages and a myriad of content areas.

Clicker 6 Download from LearningGrids

Module 12 - Downloading Resources from SET-BC's resourceSET

SET-BC’s own resourceSET has 483 Clicker 6 activities created by SET-BC Consultants and directly relevant to the British Columbia Curriculum. Be sure to explore all these excellent resources fully. What you need may only be a click or three away.

Clicker 6 Download from SET-BC ResourceSET

Module 13 - Alternate Access in Clicker 6

Clicker 6 permits inclusivity of all students allowing alternate access features, switches and scanning. An introduction to the access features of Clicker 6 is presented here in Module 13.

Clicker 6 Alternate Access Methods