Math on Braille Notetakers – BrailleNote Touch

When students complete math assignments in Braille their work must be transcribed by a Braillist or a Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments before they are able to submit it to their sighted teachers.  This means there can be a challenging time lag between when students complete math assignments and when they receive feedback and support.

To explore how math output could be supported on currently available braille notetakers, SET-BC invited Teachers of Students with Visual Impairments and their students to conduct student trials of three notetakers while completing their various math assignments.  The first notetaker the group trialed in the spring of 2017 was the BrailleNote Touch.

When Humanware’s BrailleNote Touch debuted KeyMath, the promise of having a braille notetaker create math content in braille and also generate a print copy of the Math was really exciting. This would allow students to become independent in generating their Math assignments and assessments and would allow them to submit their work to their teacher directly.

In this video, students who are part of the working group attend a training session on the BrailleNote Touch and, with their teachers, share their experiences and excitement for learning how technology can support Math in the classroom.  We are grateful for the support of Humanware’s Peter Tucic and Michel Pepin for making this a wonderful day of learning and exploration.