Students created games and animations“Scratch for the Classroom” was one of the firstCoding in Scratch applications the Grade 6/7 classroom at Glenbrooke Middle School in New Westminster leapt into with the 15 Chromebooks SET-BC loaned for their Tier 2 Classroom-based Solution.

In addition to learning the coding fundamentals of Scratch, students were tasked with creating games or animations that demonstrated their knowledge of human body systems. Proving that with a little creativity, coding has proven to be a rich cross curricular activity.

The students in this SET-BC classroom solution have thrived this year on the increased access to digital tools and resources as well as the anytime – anywhere access to their school materials. The classroom teacher, being new to implementing Chromebooks and the Google Classroom environment, valued the SET-BC consultant support as she got started building her comfort and capacity to use these devices and applications in the classroom.

This is the first year of SD 40 ‘s move into the Google Classroom environment so it was great that SET-BC was able to lend support to the educational technology transformation taking place in New Westminster schools. When you’re starting from scratch it’s great to have company and support!

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